Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Denying the FRACKIN' Earthquakes....

Michael Marshall
Like I said, it is all about control.

If Newtonian Science wants to create earthquakes, it will do so -  but totally on its own terms.

But no way, no sirree bob , will it ever - could it ever - be the cause of out-of-control, unpredictable , earthquakes.

These are scientists - and science - with every hair carefully slicked down in place, every ballpoint pen and its protector neatly in place.

You think that image is just a cliche ? You ever met an old-school scientist in the flesh?  Am I not right ?  Dead right I am.

Even making a profit is not as important to old-school scientists/entrepreneurs as always remaining 'totally in control ' .

Thermonuclear war - not to change the subject in the slightest - was defined for half a century exclusively in terms of blast damage by its promotors and touts.

Not because it was the most important source of ultimate death and destruction but because it could always be measured -and contained - by human actions.

Fallout, smoke-induced nuclear winter, massive fires of urban material -- they could collectively far out-do extremely localized blast damage's impact.

But their effect was unpredictable, dependent on that oh so capricious weather ,well beyond Man's control.

Best not talk about it, best not think about it - must stay calm, must stay calm, must stay cool : al-ways in con-trol, must al-ways re-main in tot-tal con-trol.....

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