Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ME? An AUTHOR ?! God, I hope not ....

Michael Marshall
As old Sam Johnson once opined long ago, has any author ever authored ---- except for money , for fame, for fortune ?

I suppose ---- a few.

No names spring to mind immediately, though.

I am certainly no 'author' .

How dare you ?

Some have tried to smeared my name .

Called me a pamphleteer.

 I picked up their smears and spread them more generously over my whole body : I am a pamphleteer and I am quite proud of it.

Has any pamphleteer ever pamphleteered, except for passion ?

Maybe, some, can't say I can think of any.

Profit and pamphleteering just don't seem to go together , not in the way that pamphleteering and passion do.

My blog posts are in the PUBLIC DOMAIN , and are designed to be globally commensal.

Like HGT (Horizontal Gene Transfers) I hope they cross fertilize intellectual discussions around dinner tables, the world over.

So if I blog with what seems excess passion, do not expect me to apologize (at least not very often !).

In this century's war of words and deeds between the old and the new science, real worlds are at risk : I believe there can be no neutrals in this war over Life.

Which side are you on ?

I know I have picked mine.....

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