Sunday, April 22, 2012

PROGRESS and DENIAL : the whiggish climate changers

Michael Marshall
We need to look for patterns in the subjects that ordinary (lay) climate deniers are in favor of and those they oppose.

I suspect the patterns are as visible in them as in the best known and most studied DENIERS.

They will probably turn out to be, to insta-coin a phrase ,"scientific libertarians" : people who resent any restraints on the inevitable path of progress - whether that comes from the hands of nature or from the hands of their fellow citizens.

In fact ,blaming your fellow earthlings when Nature doesn't let you do what you want is going to look like an increasingly attractive option to our frustrated denier majority.

Scientific Progress ,at the ground level, for the majority of us who are deniers, is ever increasing income, house size, car size, vacations, toys.

"No gas for my guzzler?"  "It's them frackin' Greens again !! "

"Problems ?" "Sure we have problems, but get the Greens out of the roadway and let Science fix it, as it always has - and always will - if only we let it."

"Unleash Chiang !"   "--- Dr Chiang,PhD ..."

Hitler lost his war when he ignored the possibility of early Autumn rain and mud and then of an early, cold ,winter of 1941 Russia - but his Plan B was ready ---- blame it on the Jews.

And the more he lost the war, the more Hitler sought to blame --- and kill ---- Jews.

We who oppose the deniers might yet face their wrath in a more physical manner than just a blog rant....

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