Sunday, April 22, 2012

why aren't there more FEMALE deniers ?

Michael Marshall
Heavens knows the entry level to mint good coin 'denying' is absurdly low.

I very carefully checked the database that desmogblog  maintains of people prominent in the climate denying industry, looking for female deniers.

I found but four female deniers and then noticed that one of them, Joanne Nova, only had a BSc.

 Despite this, the denier industry obviously found her credentials (or her telegenic face) sufficient to let her be both well-quoted and well paid.

Her face just may be it - that and the relative lack of any sort of female deniers generally.

I am not alone in feeling that many of right wing's female TV-ready pundits definitely have a consistent look about them : in their thirties or forties, good looking in a countryclub set sort of way , attractive (but yet non-threatening) for conservative males over the age of 50.

Sarah Palin or Danielle Smith : yes it is the haircut !

But back down here in realityland, relatively few women, even in right wing circles, are truly active in climate denial ,even at a political level.

They'll stick up for the team, if pushed, but they have no bile to their bite.

It's men who are the most strident in the claim that Man has 'no limits' to what he can do.

I can help but feel that for women, even just the potential to bear and raise children, really does reduce this mania to
play God with Nature.....

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