Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Deniers: it is all about CONTROL not CLIMATE ...

Michael Marshall
No climate denier or skeptic is really claiming that Newtonian Science has no impact upon the physical world.

Newtonian Science's ability to impact the physical world , even the ability to blow it all to pieces, is never seriously denied by the deniers.

Impacting the physical world is the raison d'etre of Newtonian Science, after all.

What they violently deny is the claim that their science could ever become uncontrollable and unpredictable.

Oh, the horror , the horror !!!!!

Newtonian science, please remember, was only secondly a useful tool to better physically control our world.

First and foremost it was a mental health tool, to help some of us better control the scary demons of uncertainty, ambiguity ,mystery and imprecision that haunt the inner recesses of our unconscious.

It promised bromides of certitudes to its addicts and none were more addicted to it than the many scientists who became scientists precisely because Newtonian Science promised a way through an scary uncertain world.

Its never about climate with the deniers, its always about control --- we offend their core being when we say their entire life's work is out of control and destroying us.

They have spent their entire lives fending off the darkness of ambiguity and uncertainty with the nightlight nostrums of Newton and Dalton , and yes even Einstein .

Now in the twilight of their careers, they are terrified that our 'out-of-control' claims just might be right....

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