Saturday, June 16, 2012

20th Century Socialism's BIG LIE : latest example

     The good folks in Atlantic Canada are a bit slow - or a bit sensible - so only now are they enjoying the kind of disappointment most of the rest of the world has already endured.
     They have discovered Socialism's (-in-government) definitely not-green thumb....
    Today I opened a Chronicle Herald and discovered that the (newish) Socialist government in Nova Scotia had destroyed another small business in the renewable resource sector.
  They did so by permitting a private expropriation of its land - to support a big business mega project in the non-renewable sector.
   It was a decision driven by the enternal socialist-capitalist mantra of growth, growth, growth at any cost.
   Sure socialists and capitalists like to squabble : call it 'dishonor among thieves' .
       But they only squabble over how to split the booty between them, after they have jointly robbed,raped and ravished Mother Earth.
    Aussie gold giant, ATLANTIC GOLD , got a very rare 'vesting order' from the socialist government to take over lands owned the the Higgins family who grow Christmas trees.
   The local socialist MLA Gary Burrill was and is environmentally-friendly and he has take the 'career-dooming' step of daring to speak out publicly against Premier Dexter's government decision.
   As in the Canadian capital with Prime Minister Harper's decisions and government MPs, Nova Scotia government MLAs rarely, if ever, question publicly Premier Dexter's positions.
   In both cases, might as well quit right now and return to a quiet life on the farm : your political career is so over.
   I doubt that Premier Dexter and the socialists are losing any sleep over this decision to expropriate a small business's tree farm so a big business can rip up the land for the minerals underneath.
   The unions are on side - far easier to unionize a big outfit than a bunch of tiny family-run farms.
   The capitalists are on side : neither the Liberals or Conservative parties would do any different (-in-government), despite the crocodile tears they will shed in Opposition.
   And the threat to the socialists in Canada from 'the green side of life' ?
   Don't make me laugh - or cry !
   Under the leadership of Nova Scotian Elizabeth May, the federal Green party has zoomed downwards from being 2 points behind the Socialists, to being 30+ points behind them.
  The Socialists lead the national polls and the Greens are at 2%.
   The Nova Scotian Greens ( of which I am definitely not any longer a part of) are even more feckless.
    Many people has at least heard of the federal Greens - and don't like them. Fair enough, I often ( but not always) feel that way about them myself.
   But most Nova Scotians have never heard from their provincial Green party - ever.
    What has gone so badly wrong?
     A huge numbers of environmentally-oriented (but unclear thinking) voters view "Mars colonies by 2023" as a sensible way to prepare for a worsening Earth, people I call "Skygods" or "Spacers".
     Just many voters also earnestly support 'sustainable development' - that oxymoron-from-hell.
   The socialists, world wide, make a convincing case for sustainable development - while in Opposition.
   "Under our stewardship, eat all the cake you want - we will guard that it doesn't make you sick."
   In government, they actually deliver on that promise, sort of : you get to eat all the cake you want but you don't get sick.
   In the short term.
   But behind the scenes, Mother Nature is puking her guts out and if she croaks - so will we.
   Greens have been caught up in being socialists-in-a-hurry, me-tooing socialist attacks on capitalists' sad environmental record while ignoring that this is stating the obvious, even to Fox-News-Viewers.
   They should be focusing all their efforts on the socialists, tying left and right together as growth-promotors and "Mars as Planet-B" touters).
   Meanwhile also positioning themselves as Sustainers and Earthlings, people who will stay and heal the Earth, not those who first deny they are damaging it and then flee it to newer pastures.
   In the case of Mars, that is pastures of ice cold rock under radiation skies.

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