Friday, June 1, 2012

the ANTI-BIBLICAL republicans most popular among bible-"loving" evangelicals

     The BIBLE ,remember it ? , said that that would be easier for a Republican elephant to go through the eye of a needle than it would be for a One Percenter to get to Heaven.
    The Republican elephants have responded, in Florida and elsewhere, by saying "that was then, this is now: we're going to make harder for a Ninety Nine Percenter to get through our new voter registration process, than it would be for Mother Theresa to get to Heaven."

    One then has to ask why are rich Republicans Chicken Hawks so eager to send other families' children off to die oversea, to ensure poor dark youth overseas can vote, when they are working so hard to deny the same voting opportunities to similar poor dark youths back in America?
   Why indeed are they simultaneously chickens and hawks?
   Any effort to find consistency in the Republican Deniers on a political science scale, as resting somewhere between libertarians concerned above all with freedom and the hierarchy-oriented concerned about restraint are going to flounder - chicken cum hawks simply aren't found exclusively at either pole.
   Rather the scale we want to look at is a moral scale, one that has
at one pole those who are selfish and self centred.
   Then, all Republicans' self-centred behavior does display its own powerful internal logic and consistency : its all about me, all the time, everywhere.
    Spoil a child of the One percent Class, teach them the world is their's on a silver spoon and then just stand back.
     Spoil a child ...... and ruin a world.
    Senators who deny the idea of free publicly funded medicare for all, on the Canadian model, will then have no moral problem going into publicly funded Navy hospitals, free, when they are ill ---- because they are self-centred .
    To the extent that they really believe in the rule of law at all, they believe there is one law for the 1% and another totally different law for the 99%.
    All the denier-watching bloggers are not ever going to get a handle on the denier libertarian/authoritarians' behavior if they restrict themselves to the insights from economists, political scientists and psychologists and the like --- useful as they all are.
    They are going to need help on this one, from those who have long studied ethics  : because being greedy is truly humanity's oldest profession.....

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