Friday, June 29, 2012

Rex Tillerson Poster Boy for the Church of Latter Day Modernity

"One step forward, a zillion steps back, smile at the camera and you're doin' The Exxon-Mobil  Jack".

Yessiree Bob, as I could have predicted*, the new boss of Exxon-Mobil has accepted that climate change is happening .

But (a) he says that worries about it are well and truly overblown and (b) he also says it will all be quickly,quietly, cheaply, efficiently engineered right back out of existence.

Rex Tillerson was expected to be a decisive change from the last CEO of Exxon-Mobil, the lanterned-jawed Lee Raymond.

But after he beat back a pitch from the Rockefeller family to have the Exxon gang spend a little more on alternative fuels, he confirmed he was at least the mettle of his former, ultra-combative, boss.

Tillerson is born in Wichita Falls Texas (not to be confused with Wichita Kansas, birther spawning grounds of the Denier Movement but close enough for most green people.)

 He is an engineer, a Presbyterian and a Eagle Scout's sort of Eagle Scout.

He is a baby boomer, just a spot over 60 in age.

Postmodern in age, modernist in mindset.

On Wednesday ( June 27th 2012) he told the Council on Foreign Relations that climate change was an engineering problem with an engineering solution.

Keep on burning fossil fuel to help the poor move out of poverty, he pleads before the council in his best Al Jolson stance.

And when farms get dry and coasts get flooded as a result?

Move the poor out of those areas too.

Its all a matter of social engineering.

Great Howard Scott , Bat Boy :  1930s era "Technocracy Incorporated" lives !

To a hammer everything is a nail - to an engineer, there are no rights or wrongs - its all just engineering "problems" demanding engineering "solutions".

Final  solutions .......

*  er, as I  did  predict, just a few hours ago

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