Saturday, June 9, 2012

This century's battle between Webster and the Devil is for the soul of all humanity

    Forget Republican versus Democrat, Liberal versus Conservative, Socialist versus Capitalist ---- they are all yesterday's news, yesterday's papers - throw 'em in the trash, we won't be needing them again.
    Today's battle royal, between a latter day Daniel Webster and a latter day Devil is the battle between the Libertarians versus the commensalists.

    And this time, they are fighting for the highest possible stakes: for the soul of all humanity and for the lives of all Life on Earth - which may just be all the life there is, in the entire Universe.
   Hard to get any more elemental and cosmic than that .
    The old debate, yesterday's debate was how do we - do we - share the wealth of the Earth between humans.
    The new debate, a variant on killing the goose that lays the golden egg, is over how do we - should we,must we - share the wealth of the Earth with the lifeforms that actually produce it.
   Or do we 'slash & burn and move on', treat the earth like the way Libertarians treat their women: "Find 'em, Frack 'em and Forget 'em".
  Do we toss the depleted Earth aside, like a used-up trophy wive, a used condom or  a no-longer-wanted Christmas puppy?
  Do we bugger off to gate ourselves a new community on Mars, the new Earth 1.0% --- leaving those who can't afford to go - the 99% - to bake and broil under greenhouse skies?
   These are the new political questions that will dominate our elections, consume our financial markets and transfix our public intellectuals in the years ahead....

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