Monday, June 25, 2012

SVE's "awkward" sub-title is no accident

Why does  SVE 's sub-title run so 'trippingly-not'  off the tongue?

Moderns versus Post-Modernity indeed - why not moderns versus post-moderns or Modernity versus Post-Modernity ?

I constructed it that way because I have come to believe that while our world has decisively and permanently changed (ie is clearly post-modern in its structure) --- we haven't.

Or at least 80% of us haven't - a clear majority in anybody's books.

Our world has changed - bringing forth real biological and material restraints for us to butt our heads against.

However, inside those heads, inside our still-Modern heads,  our wills have not changed or accepted those restraints as real.

We still expect "The Spirit of Scientism" to pull yet another rabbit out of the hat at the last minute to save our bacon.

(Quite a post-hegemonic mixing of metaphors there - no ?)

So what do we  - the 20% - do about this crisis ?

We must strive to reconcile humanity to the fact that the physical world, outside their minds, has changed for good and that they must re-calibrate their dreams, hopes, illusions, delusions, to match......

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