Sunday, June 17, 2012

Charlie Koch's ruby-red slippers: DENYING his way back to daddy's "Lost Hegemony of Scientism"

    Okay it might not be the sort of book about Kansas and ruby-red slippers that L Frank Baum could write - maybe more in Joseph Conrad's line : "the horror! , the horror!".
    But I seriously think there is a book there , a psychologically-probing examination about "Charlie G" Koch's magnificent obsession over the sad fate of his father Fred's science/scientism.

   Robert Heinlein would do it up right, in a full-bodied, red meat, take-no-prisoners style.
  Bit of pity that he, like Baum,Conrad and Fred, is dead and buried.
   Surely Fox News must know some ghost writers: the DENIER movement would be lost without them (or without the Kochs).
   Chris Mooney, from a different perspective, could also do it up right.
    Ditto Maureen Dowd - she really knows how to get under the skin of her victim and fester there.....

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