Saturday, June 30, 2012

DENIERS conquer Brazil - and it is only going to get worse - much worse

So - in just one year - and after just one half hour airing on a popular comedy show - Brazil has gone from being the nation least likely to have its mainstream media deny climate change to one of the bad guys.

Perhaps the best known denier-tracking journalist , Chris Mooney, credits - or blames - popular TV comic Jo Soares and his invitation to denier & geography prof RA Felicio to babble on for half an hour, for turning Brazil into a place hospitable to the denier classes.

I am not surprised - I have said all along the deniers are not a mere fringe of nutters but about 60% of us - the majority of us.

Oh sure most of us don't deny human-caused climate change ---- we simply deny its a problem.

"Surely people of good will and top engineering skills can come together and terraform the problem away - under some tropical carpet perhaps ?"

Its the gospel according to REX (Rex Tillerson, new CEO of Exxon-Mobil) : don't worry, be happy and we'll soon have this ship off the iceberg : engineers-are-on-their-way.

(But if you are a Canadian of a certain age you might recognize this as the so called "NFB gambit", "we have problems, yes, but we acknowledge them and are currently working on solving them.")

We live in post-hegemonic times : no one worldview rules the world .

Both green visions and good old fashioned concrete and steel visions will have to duke it out.

Skygods vs Earthlings : not yet with guns, just words so far.

But a civil war within an entire global species makes it a world war ,as well as a civil war, doesn't it ......

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