Wednesday, June 13, 2012

GRDs : "Global Rape Deniers" who ravish our planet

     What are the so-called "Climate Change" Deniers/Skeptics/Doubters really denying?
      I would argue that what they are really denying is something much bigger and much worse : the rape and ravishing of every bit of our planet to steal its natural wealth --- and of which one side effect (but only one) is the polluting of the atmosphere with excessive human carbon pollution.

     Loss of  species and habitats, loss of soil and water resources, our absorbing of food that would normally go to sustain the primary producers ( microbes mostly) that keep this planet habitable by recycling various elements - above all, for humans at least, oxygen.
    What is the Plan B or Plan C for these rape-artists, these GRDs, once they have slashed and burned their way across all the land and oceans of the planet?
    I argue it is to "Rapture" the wealthy among them up to the new Earth 1.0% : Mars.
   They will gate the Red Planet into the White Planet, a gated community for those wealthy enough to fly to and live upon Mars - WASPS and those colored folk wealthy enough to pass for white.
    The 1% may currently 'pilot' this planet, but they have no intentions of piloting it through this environmental crisis they have themselves created.
   No, they plan to pilot their skins away to safety, being as consistently chicken hawkish in peace as they are in war; while leaving the 'rest of us' , the 99%, to struggle on, on a ruined, depleted planet.
   Any wonder then that I label these GRDs as PUBLIC ENEMY NO. 1  ?????

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