Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Water will follow the Probe" : criminally stupid in 19th, globecidally stupid in 21st century

   You'd think the denier classes would learn something from the mess they made of the 19th century.
   Remember all their boosterish talk about "the rainfall following the plow" ?
   In fact, what little moisture that was held by the Great Plains & Prairies'  original grass and bush cover was released and lost into the atmosphere once industrial scale deep plowing was undertaken : cue the shots of the resulting Dust Bowl.

  But no, the spacer division of the denier classes are busy touting that there is water - lots of water - everywhere on our planet and moon neighbours, if only we probe deeper and deeper and deeper.
   Sort of like denying the Peak of conventional oil by pointing out that we are still bringing up quasi-oil-like-substances from 20,000 expensive feet below 5,000 feet of ocean-tossed water.
   Now NASA is licking at the fount of all money ( us the gullible public ) by claiming that there is lots of water is there to be had - under  a crater on the Moon.*
     Deep,deep, deep under the Moon - somewhere - we just know it - trust us: send only cash, no cheques please.
   Believe it, without first engaging your citizen forensic audit skills set - even for just a moment - and you will unconsciously slacken your efforts on the real crisis at hand : saving the only and the best lifeboat we have : Planet Earth.....

* The BUNSEN BURNER claims:
"Scientists estimate there could be as much as 100 gallons of ice inside the two-mile deep crater."
    That much eh ???!!!
    Hey satire is supposed to be my gig -  just back off will ya, you Bunsenites !!!!

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