Friday, June 8, 2012

Where humans see dozens of human ideologies, NATURE sees only one: Libertarian greed

     Right wing humans think the strong should get to keep their wealth, no matter how obtained, while left wing humans think they should share it with their poorer, less aggressive, fellow humans.
    That basically is the continuum that you can plunk all the human ideologies along.
    Except one (well one that I know of -and I admit I know little !) :

    It too discusses how we can share wealth, much like all the others, but it also talks how we humans must learn to share it with all the other lifeforms on Earth - not just with other humans.
   So now the age-old debate has been expanded - its no longer just a debate about a division of resources between human classes, races, genders, generations, regions - but now also between species.
    If Mother Nature could speak and write, she won't tell us that she sees dozens of different human ideologies.
   She merely sees dozens of subtle variants upon one overall human ideology : Libertarian greed, self-centred and aggressive.
    We humans take too much, too harshly, from the Earth and don't give anything back.
   We are like spoiled-rotten teenage males, as careless and thoughtless as they can be in their mother's eyes - in this case Mom is Mom Earth/Mom Nature.
     Deniers are almost always privileged teenage boys who never really had to grow up - spoiled rotten first by doting mothers and dads and now spoiled rotten by dutiful wives and children : white protestant upper middle class male masters of the universe.
    Infantile Deny-me-nots is their real name, both as "dreadful two year old" and equally dreadful 62 year old.....


  1. you seem really harsh on libertarians is that fair ?

  2. Harsh??? I am just getting warmed up.

    They have elevated greed, egotism,self-centredness, selfish spoiled-rotten behavior to a political theology and you expect me to treat them nice?

    And now they want to deplete and destroy the Earth and then move on to Mars, as the new Earth 1.0%.

    For Libertarians, I don't "do" nice....