Friday, June 22, 2012

"It was 60 years ago today" : birthing the UFO craze amongst the Skygods

    Reluctantly we must acknowledge Ken Arnold, the father of the modern UFO, who claimed he saw nine high speed flying saucers from the cockpit of his CallAir C-2 aircraft, while flying past Mount Rainier, Washington, on June 24th 1947.

   De-bunkers of Arnold's story have debated ever since whether what Ken actually saw was just a very ordinary trick of the sky & weather.
   However the original story developed real legs - fueling worldwide conspiracy theories and renewing interest in space travel as a way to avoid having to pick up ones socks and take out ones trash down here on Earth.
   I sort wish Arnold had never been born - 60 years on, his vision is still powering the "cut and runners" of the denier class who use space travel as a way to avoid taking responsibility for having created harmful climate change.....

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