Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Is that MUSK or just HUBRIS dat I smell ??

             This just in from the 'bang-on' department:

 Elon Musk, CEO of  SPACE X, says that trips to Mars* will be as common as a trip to Europe, in just a few decades.
     This utopian libertarian kool aid drinker was just being his usual optimistic self but , for once,  SVE was forced to admit that Musk was not wrong.

   Yes sirree bob, in a few short decades, when we are busy devoting what little fuel oil we have left to feeding our tractors (and our bellies), trips to Europe will be very scarce indeed.
    As scarce as hen's teeth, or trips to mars....

* The very best place to find syncophantic stories on outer space delusions and fantasies are the computer magazines like, bastions of the eternal teenage boy.

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