Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The big "DISCONNECT" that drives the climate change debate

    When High Modernity (aka Scientism) lost the intellectual hegemony it held between 1875 and 1965, it did not also lose any political or economic power.
   So now we see a world that basically - publicly - says it worries about a steadily warming planet, but, in practise, does nothing to mitigate it.
   To exaggerate a lot, to make my point more vivid, it is as if the 99% agreed that that climate change was real and dangerous, but that the 1% did not.

    High Modernity, the Theology of greed, is the Theology of Southern Baptists and of CEOs of growth-oriented multinationals and of leaders of growth-oriented political parties (socialist and capitalist).
     Power and Age on one side, numbers and youth on the other.
     I hope this blog post survives the burning of the planet so any survivors in the future who can still read, as well as forage for scraps, will understand how the baby boomers came to blew up the earth....

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