Saturday, June 9, 2012

Liberty without Limits is the Law of the Jungle & the Law of the Strong

    Let's re-phrase that: unbridled Liberty is the law-lessness of the Jungle and of the Strong.
     The Liberty Movement, always powerful not never in power, has never had to admit this fact of life.
    God deliberately gave humanity a world and universe with limits - both biological and material - for a reason.

   HE felt that given Free Will but left to our own moral resources, we would tend to display as much hubris as we do altruism.
    So we humans - even today in the 21st century - get tired,  get hungry and thirsty, get sick, get bored, age,weaken and die.
   Only in the virtual world of the human imagination - the fetid world of the libertarian mind - does the human will inevitably triumph over material and biological restraints.
    If Hitler had been content to merely dream of (or perhaps write about) Operation Barbarossa, instead of trying it out in the real world outside the Fantasyland of Libertarian self-centredness, he might have pulled it off.
   A sort of German ATLAS SHRUGGED.....

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