Monday, June 4, 2012

Deniers: if they LIE to you about their funding, they'll LIE to you about global warming as well

      Trust me on this one, will ya ?
      If a blogger or website (be it a denier, birther or spacer  site) won't tell where all their funds come from, in detail, they are hiding something they are ashamed of.
    And that something is frequently the fact their opinion is not in fact their own, but rather something stuffed in their mouth --- in exchange for 30 pieces of very big silver.

   Judas-the-astroturfer is alive and well and living in America.
   So where then do the funds come from that keep my blog and print edition afloat?
   Well the SVE blogsite is free from and I pay my own library fines and buy the paper and ink for my home printer from my own 'allegedly fabulous' paycheque.
   Here is last year's tax return for me to show that the income I possess is not exactly in the same league as the Koch Brothers, but it is sufficient for me and my blog.
       Now let's see if all the funders of the infamous denier think tank headed by Benny Peiser have the guts to do likewise.
      But apparently, according the Peiser 'think tank', the UK is sludged full with conservative chappies who are just too scared stiff to be able to face public comment, if they were forced to reveal that they fund Peiser's group.
   Crikey, what yellow-bellied scum-suckers they are - today's exact moral equivalents of the original Cliveden Set 'think tank' .
     No wonder then that Canadians lads, like my dad, had to go over and save the Queen from the Nazis during WWII --- the local upper class twits were just too cowardly to do it on their own....



  1. who does fund the deniers - is it the koch brothers or exxon-mobil ?

  2. Who funds all of those zillions of 'think-tank cum lobby groups' thrown up by the Libertarians and others of the Right, along with a few think-tanks coming from the left and the greens ?

    Much of the time they are less than transparent in telling the public who funds them and our LAMEstream media, of which I am NOT a part, lets them get away with it.....