Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Closing of the American West" won't truly happen for DENIERS until PONTA DO SOL's labour is too expensive & its natural resources too depleted to profitably keep a factory there

    Where the Bejesus, you might well say, is Ponta do Sol in the American West?
    Well perplexed you surely should be - this tiny place is the only sizable community on the island of  Santo Antao, in the tiny African nation of Cape Verde.
   It just happens to be the most western point in the continent of Africa : the truly western-most spot in the American Western frontier ---- for American business anyway.

      Over the centuries, American greedy SOBs have steadily moved their current factories ever westward.
      First they deny that their factories pollute the environment, deplete natural resources and pay low wages & taxes and THEN  they abruptly close the factory and moving on (westward) to ever-newer 'pastures' .
    They are currently finding that the Far East is far too expensive, as even the red commies demand that their citizens receive living wages and living working conditions, at least anytime the media cameras appear.
   Soon the Greed-is-Good variant of the Denier class will be working their offshore factories through the remaining impoverished dictatorships of Africa.
   But after the Cape Verde, where to go next ?
   They have worked their way steadily westward around the globe - the next landfall is Plymouth Rock and they've already been there: too many unions and too many green activists.
   "The American Frontier for business  (but not for farmers and cowboys - that closed a century ago) is truly closed", they will tell Congress. Time to tax the public ,to subsidize our covered Contetoga wagons trains to Mars*.
   Time to cut our losses on Planet Earth - its played out : time to saddle up and move on out......

* Thus opening the so-called "White Wedge on the Red Planet" , a graphic image beloved by generations of art college Spacers ....

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