Sunday, June 3, 2012

North Carolina's REPUBLICAN King Canutes to turn back ocean rising -----with their mouths

     North Carolina's utopian libertarian brigade was out in full fury recently, passing legislation ordering ocean levels NOT to rise in coastal communities, because it might spook unsuspecting innocents from 'outa state' who might otherwise fall for 'too good to be true land deals', now that the supply of swamp land in Florida has dried up - thanks to global warming.
   Oooops ! Not-supposed-to-use-that-word, not in connection with North Carolina, International Headquarters of the Flat Earth Society.
    I can tell you what North Carolina's problem is in one word : Christianity.
    Christianity hasn't been tried there and failed : its never been tried.

    Oh, I know a whole lot of North Carolina's anti-christs, guised as Baptists, claim to be Christians, but then anti-christs would do that won't they?
   A truly christian state legislation would never claim to reverse God's ocean simply on Man's say so ; only the hubris-ridden utopian libertarian tea party would try something that self-centred and brain-dead.
    If North Carolina is part and parcel of the leader of the free world, please enslave me right now - please !!!!

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