Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pity Peter Bergson wasn't ALICE PAUL & LUCY BURNS : then some more Jews might have been saved....

    I would be truly horrified if I left the impression that the infamous Peter Bergson was a fiery troublemaker among WWII's American Jewry.
    He wasn't - not by a long shot - he was merely the least limp dick among a legion of limp dicks, when it came to saving Europe's Jews.

   Pity he didn't have the estrogen levels of those "iron-jawed angels" of peaceful civil disobedience, Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, who did chain themselves to the White House and only escaped 'torture-death by force-feeding' by accident.
   If Alice and Lucy had been Jewish militants during WWII, they might have done as well by their acts of civil disobedience for the Holocaust victims as they had earlier done for the 'votes for women' campaign.

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