Friday, June 29, 2012

Mike of WATCHING THE DENIERS writes in the spirit of Cobbett and Twain

If you don't read the Ozzie blog WATCHING THE DENIERS you really must.

Mike writes in the style of the William Cobbett taking on the British government over its ill-treatment of troops at Ely (an article that got him two years at Newgate for sedition .... and made him forever famous as a defender of the ordinary people).

He writes in the style of the Mark Twain who took on the American government for the genocide at the Moro Crater.

Both of these articles crackle with wit, energy, bile, sarcasm and will still delight and outrage you despite the fact that the government claims demolished in both have long ago been forgotten.

I use both, daily, as a model for my writing.

Mike probably doesn't - but he has channelled their spirit none the less -- just read him ripping into his favourite bete noire among the many Ozzie denier organs - enjoy !

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  1. Oh - and one more reason to read WATCHING THE DENIERS : the clean clear simple new look - some blogs are so poorly laid out I don't care if they ARE bringing us proof of climate change just found on Moses' tablets - I bail out - life is too short to go blind and mad saving the planet by reading 'circus layout' blogs : save that for the SUNs of Fleet Street....