Friday, June 8, 2012

NATURE survey confirms LIBERTARIAN GREED is humanity's dominant ideology

      Okay, okay, who uses gallows humour to describe our terrestrial spiral downwards into total disaster?
      But I just couldn't resist the opportunity to make a pun and a serious point about the just-published, highly depressing, BARNOSKY SURVEY.

     On June 6 2012, two dozen scientists led by Professor Barnosky issued a survey style report in the science journal NATURE, on whether the Earth is approaching another 'biological global tipping point' similar to past disasters caused by oxygen-emitting microbes, asteroids, massive volcanic eruptions or ice ages.
    Those massive die-offs of biodiversity led to the killing of from 50 to 95% of all species in a very short time in geological terms.
    They usually happened when 50 to 90% of the various individual, smaller, biosphere regions were disrupted.
    So how is MAN-THE-TAKER stacking up ?
    As disaster-causers go, pretty good, thank you very much.
    Currently 7 billion of us, most of us relatively poor in North American terms, have converted 43% of all the Earth's surface to agriculture or urban use.
     Soon, by 2050, we will be 9.3 billion - and that is 9.3 billion ambitious humanoids all striving to use resources 'just like a Canadian' : if they and their governments succeed, make that to be a 300% increase over what we consume today.
    Since we already directly consume, just our one species, 20% of the primary terrestrial bio production, I see that as putting us well past a dreadful tipping point ----60% will be consumed by us.
    Not enough food left for the bees that make our crops grow, to let our trees give us oxygen and get rid of CO2, not enough ocean microbes to kickstart the entire food cycle and other vital 're-cycle cycles'.
    In addition, we have broken up and separated large swaths of similar terrain by our human settlements and roads - this will prevent many species from steadily moving north or south within similar terrain, to gradual adjust to a rapidly changing climate.
    Stuck in their old habitat, now not right for their kind, they won't adjust quick enough in most cases - they will simply die.
   Movement, not mutations, is how most species - humans too - have always adjusted to rapid deadly changes in their own little biosphere.
    Now here , at last, is where the pun comes in : this was a survey published in NATURE but also a survey of Nature -Nature as in  all that stuff outside our air-conditioned little computer rooms.
    It says its hurting and it says it is because one species - ours - is too greedy, too individualistic, too self-centred, too egotistic - to share the earth's wealth or to even put a little in.
    Nature says it knows what ideology drives humanity
and it is Isobel Paterson,Rose Wilder Lane and Ayn Rand's Libertarianism.
    The Three Harpies From Hell : hellbent on killing Mother Nature and Mankind. Female Serial killers.
    Greed is not Good : we need to develop a set of moral values that sees greed as evil as we today see murder as.
    Global Commensality is the Matter to Libertarianism's Anti-Matter, our cheese to their chalk, our water to their oil.
   It does not say "let us take, take, take and never give anything back". It says "we will only take some of the world's resources and protect all of it -- we will share with all lifeforms the only lifeboat we can see in this vast hostile Universe".
   So which side are you on ?  Its a line in the sand : either for skygod libertarian greed -----or------for earthling commensality with all other lifeforms.....


  1. Share and HANDLE WITH CARE the gifts
    the earth ( this unique planet!) has MADE
    available to ALL living creatures.

    Surely these things weren't meant to be
    PILLAGED by the GREEDY just because they

    Children would be stopped from doing these things if the parents felt the behaviour
    was self-destructive or at the very least
    socially unacceptable.

  2. Right - no mainstream media would dare allow a columnist to tout the virtues of murder but, by contrast, they seek out columnists who promote the virtues of GREED ---- it seems we are now down to just 'the one or two commandments of moses' ....