Monday, June 18, 2012

The Who, What, Where, When of Climate Change I leave to others : I seek the "Why"

The Climate Wars are but the latest skirmish in an old, old war.

But with the stakes never higher, righteous anger fills both sides, each convinced that the other will lead their planet to rack and ruin.

I am Canadian, but I hate hockey and you will certainly see no climate hockey sticks here - nor any other peer-reviewed science either.

But I am passionately interested in the "Popular Science" of the Climate Change debate ----seeing it as the latest public expression of two wildly different and long-standing world-views/ philosophies/ ideologies/ theologies - call them what you will.

In my view, "all quarrels are about axioms and only about axioms", so I intend to peel back the hidden assumptions that fuel the animus ,found on both sides of the global warming debate.

There are hundreds of blog sites out there that are daily, nay hourly, actively reporting on the climate change front.

I don't share their collective passion for dissecting the details in scientific and quasi-scientific papers and reports, unfortunately.

But as a political science graduate and a long time politician, I feel much more comfortable putting this recent skirmish - maybe, at best, only ten years old - in its historical context.

For these clashing world-views are, at least in my view, as old as the human species itself.....

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