Monday, June 25, 2012

To misquote the late Ian MacDonald : "revolution OUTSIDE the head"

Forget denying climate change - it is the mere tiniest iceberg tip of the denying classes' overall brief against the world.

What they are really denying is the existence of the real revolution that has happened, in the physical world, outside their heads.

To the extent that AWGs can be thought of as aging hippies (acid-droppers and pot-smokers from way back 40 years ago) then the real surprise is that Beatles-lover, Ian MacDonald, was so badly wrong: the real revolution did not, in fact, occur 'in our heads', but rather outside our heads.

Virtual worlds conjured up by dropping tabs just weigh virtually nothing set against the weight of real atmospheric warming and real rising sea levels.

Call it the actual, post-modern, world while we  - at least inside our addled heads - think it is still a modern world.

So we need ask ourselves : are the Deniers' claims against human-induced carbon pollution of the atmosphere really bad 'science' --- or merely 'bad acid' ............

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