Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Pandemic Invasion from the DENY-o-sphere"

     Those who deny (and then plan to flee) the mess they've made of this Planet have got themselves a nice home, an echo chamber and cheering section: call it the DENY-o-Sphere.
    Not a permanent home you understand: that's MARS, and they're still pouring the cement foundations  for it out there.
    But for now, they're over here, over-sexed and over-funded by fossil-devouring mega-energy-corps --- squatting down plunk in the middle of our blog-o-sphere ---- uninvited.
   So what have we got, to counter this invasive species ?

   THEY , the slime that climbed out of the modem, are in every nation in the world - are we ?
   Can we prove it?
   Who defend the world from the deniers in Ecuador or in Mali, in Nepal or in Estonia ?
    Anyone know ? I don't.
    Anyone out there maintain any sort of database of denier-busters?
  (I mean, beyond the database-cum-blogrolls  of the well known fighters against Deniergate from the larger nations within the  Anglosphere: nations like America, UK, Australia and Canada.)
   I keep looking for that world-wide database of denier-fighters.
   Maybe only the CIA maintains such a database ---- if so, I bet they aren't talking it up.....

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  1. No, because the more we rant
    the more far out and unbelievable the
    truth seems.

    Truth is depressing, status quo is