Monday, June 25, 2012

Doubting Reality : (Koch's red slippers) birthing DENIAL in a Mayberry sort of town

"Denying Life after the 1950s"  (birthing DENIAL in a Mayberry sort of time & town)
Growing up in a Mayberry sort of town, a little place on the prairie , is just the sort of thing that might make a feller want to doubt reality: current reality anyway.

So it can hardly be unexpected that Charlie-Koch-from-Wichita turned out the way he has : spending his vast fortune in trying to turn the whole world back to a time and place long gone ---- the heyday of high Modernity and Scientism in the early 1950s ----- in a small city in rural Middle America.

So it is not surprising to discover that Mr Koch and all the front organizations he funds are not really into denying climate change and science as such.

They are more into denying the changes in the physical world, in society - and yes in science - that allowed us to even notice that the climate was changing and in fact had been changing, ever since the birth of Scientism in the 1870s.

A collective set of changes that we call the Post-Modern World and even "the Age of Global Commensality" .

The process of man-made climate change is so tied to the period of High Modernity & Scientism (1875-1965) the period that Koch and hundreds of millions of others regard as the high point of humanity, that to accept the first is to deny the worth of the second.

This they can not and will not do.....

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