Wednesday, June 6, 2012

why I say the POLICE are libertarians to the man - or woman

     If DARREN WOURMS had murdered another man's wife and baby on May 28th (instead of just his wife and his baby) do you really think it would have taken the RCMP (or any other police force) till June 4th to tell us so ?
    I don't think so.

    A murder-suicide happens every day of the year in America and they generally get very little serious media attention, unless the murderer happens to be a wife who kills her husband's kids.
    Then it goes nationwide if not worldwide - how dare a mother kill her husband's kids before killing herself? How could she !
   Yes how? But such cases are infrequent - most murder-suicides, by far, are fathers killing their kids.
      (And wives --- curiously, I am 60 plus years old and I do not recall a single case of a woman killing her kids AND her husband  ---- readers please prove me wrong - and then cite what percentage of total murder-suicides these cases make up.)
    My truck, my gun, my dog, my old lady, my kids, my tossed-aside used condom - mine, mine, mine.
    Mine to do with as I will.
    I deny any limits on what I can do with my property.
    And thankfully, my libertarianist-oriented national and local police force happens to agree with me....

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  1. Suicide yourself , if you must.
    Please don't take your 'loved ones' with you - leave that to ancient Egyptian and Chinese rulers and the like....ANON