Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"RAPTURED TO MARS" : the new Earth 1.0% (while the 99% get 'LEFT BEHIND')

      The oddballs that make up the visible 1/10th of the denier/birther/spacer (non-melting) iceberg are not exactly from that cohort's top drawer.
      Everyone admits this, even the spacers - but no one is exactly sure why.
      Why have your artillery fire fruitcakes at the cast-hardened massed armour of the left-liberal-scientific establishment, if you really truly deny global climate and environmental disaster?
      Where are the heavy-lifting-ready brains and the real heavy money of the denier/birther/spacer movement?

    Switch from the few media pages devoted to the climate wars and observe all the uncritical pages in the samestream media  devoted to an outbreak of uncontrolled private space efforts.
    Could it be that the parade of fruitcakes on the climate change denier/birther/spacer front are just a tactical smokescreen, to divert the attention of the 99%, while the 1% and their wannabes plan a clean getaway?
    I believe "The 1%" have already decided, privately, that global environmental depletion is real - the Earth is played out, mineral and energy-wise.
    Time to toss it aside like a used trophy wife, condom or unwanted Christmas puppy - move on , re-invest.
   In the new Earth 1.0 % : a terraformed colony on Mars.
   This will be a gated community : only Ayrans or people with enough wealth and education to pass as honorary Ayrans will be allowed to join.
      The RED planet will become the WHITE planet: "The South Will Rise Again!"
       (Ever notice that almost all of NASA is in the Deep South and its biggest fans are Southern Baptists ?)
    The price of a space ticket to Mars, let alone the price of a nice condo on Mars, will put it well out of the reach of the dark, colored, foreign,garlic-smelling 99%.
   They can have the depleted Earth 1.0 - free, gratis.
    Let them boil and bake under those dense greenhouse skies - We're Off to See the Wizard !
   Flights on the 'caught up in the sky' 'en-raptured' route to Mars start in 2023, at the Amsterdam airport.
   Book early, Ayrans !
   PS : the TIM LAHAYE CHRISTIAN HOUR will start broadcasting from Mars in early January 2024......

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  1. I see now I should have entitled this post:

    "Rapturing the Wealthy to Mars"
    The new Earth 1.0% - while the 99% get ..................'Left Behind'