Saturday, June 2, 2012

Six million DEAD - Six million SILENT : One Holocaust , Two Crimes

                    Part One of Two Posts on this issue:

 There were over six million Jews in the democratic Allied nations during world war two - able to safely protest ,in acts of public civil disobedience, even in wartime, over the fate of Europe's Jews, but who clearly failed to do so over and over again.
   No "ACT UP" or "OCCUPY  WALL STREET" for them - they preferred to colour within the lines, even as Jewish blood flooded over the lines in Europe.
    One theory holds that they, their children and grandchildren have tried to deflect away questions as to why they did nothing  then , by becoming fiery "warriors of the mouth"  now.

      "Killing the Kaiser (of WWII) with their mouths", in other words, albeit from the safe distance of 70 years and hundreds of kilometres away.
     Intellectual Chicken Hawks !
     It is truly startling to see, in country after country, just how many of the well known columnists judged to be 'controversial' by the citizens are of Jewish descent. Some are still Jewish in faith, while many others have become Catholic or evangelical Protestant or atheist/agnostic.
    I argue that the number of well known controversial columnists who have Jewish roots is out of all proportion to the percentage of Jews in the general population - in every country - including Israel itself .
    I would welcome any efforts ,using such gauges of public opinion as Wikipedia and Google News to determine which columnists are well known to the public and well known as controversalists, to prove me wrong by the numbers .....

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