Sunday, July 1, 2012

who is WATCHING THE 63% of australians who are DENIERS ?

I will keep repeating it until I am not just red in the face, but a whale of a rainbow of colours in the face:
The true measure of the numbers of deniers in our world is not the number of highly vocal, well paid, loonies but rather it is the percentage of ordinary citizens (us) who deny we need real carbon taxes to actually cut global warming.
In the Australia that is home to "WATCHING THE DENIERS" , that percentage is 63%, according to the latest polls  from the Lowy Institute on the Gillard Government's new (& very modest) carbon tax. Green voters ? 38% of them are also opposed to this carbon tax. Weak reeds indeed !!

Deniers are nothing more and nothing less than latter day modernists, (aka skygods) and in this post 1945/ post hegemonic age, they still make up about 60% of the world.

Greens, commensalists, earthlings, "renewers*", postmodernists - call us what you will - we only make up about 40% of humanity.

Attacking raving loonies, rather than that nice-but-doubting couple next door is the moral equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel - we  shouldn't do it - I won't do it.

Too many citizens claim to be - but can't be - both in favour of saving whales and rainbows and opposed to carbon taxes.

If you won't want carbon taxes then don't be a hypocrite ; get out there and shoot every rainbow blowing whale in Nova Scotia that you can see and dig every foul black tar pit you can find.

If you are determined to have places like Harper's Canada actually led the way to Hell, at least be upfront about it - don't be Po-Faced....

* renewers is the opposite of deniers - one side denies non-renewable energy will ever run out or cause problems ( and once they HAVE mined this earth out, it is off to new vistas on Mars) - the other says we should husband our renewable energy if this earth, Life's only lifeboat in the universe) is to survive.

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