Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Carbon Ate My Homework 2 : Aussie grave robbers

The Nasty 'Abbott

Last week it was Brumby's the bakers who were after stealing bread - from their customers.

And then blaming it on the new Australian carbon tax.

The head of the company resigned, after that PR disaster.

The person who really should have resigned is Libertarian Party leader Tony  "the Nasty"  'Abbott, the reputed Prime Minister in waiting, who has been smearing mistruths about the carbon tax's effect on prices from morning to dusk.

The stupid gits in the business community who fall for his line unfortunately end up falling on the sword , not our Tony.

Grave Robbers

Latest sword-faller will be someone in a Melbourne area funeral home business which told a grieving family that sequestering the carbon in their relative's body into a grave would now cost an extra $55 thanks to the new carbon tax.

Actually the increase in the price had been in the pipeline for months and had nothing to do with carbon taxes - this  just seemed ( at the time) an easy way to deflect an unpopular price increase upon any even more unpopular (er demonized) carbon tax.

Well the media went ballistic on this one -- burying dear old dad instead of burning him in a cremation greatly reduces, not increases the CO2 we pour into the heavens : if anything the family deserved a refund not a price increase !

Denier New Math : an extra  $100 a litre carbon tax ..... 

When I read this story I searched green and denier-fighting parts of the blog-o-sphere for their take on it.

Believe it or not, I found the story only on hundreds of climate change sites, even though the story hardly flattered their cause.

Comforting to know they are too stupid to see this - but also scary to see that they and their readers are too stupid to see this.

What sort of tax on carbon could possibly drive the price of petrol up so much that it would be an EXTRA $55, just for using a backhoe for 5 minutes to dig a grave ?

What a new $100 per litre tax or something ?

Truly, "Greed Never Sleeps" - and in this case, I do not mean  greed for money.

Even global threats quail before Universe-sized Egos

No, I mean the greed some politicians have to hold the highest office in the land: Tony "the Nasty" 'Abbott is so hungry to be PM, he can almost taste it and he will stop at nothing to win it.

Even if that means reversing his own personal position on carbon taxes from what he said but a year or two earlier.

Yes global warming is a threat to human existence but there are times when even a threat this global seems sub-atomic sized compared to the size of the threat to humanity posed by the size of some mens' egos and ambitions.....

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