Friday, July 13, 2012

the winged gospel of Pan Am's Skygods

Hubris, unlike fossil fuel, will never be in short supply

I did not name skygods vs earthlings after Robert Gandt's book  Skygods : the Fall of Pan Am, but rather after the sentiments expressed by professor Joseph Corn in his great, underrated, book "The Winged Gospel : America's Romance with Aviation".

But I doubt very much that the astute reader of Corn's book would find much to be surprised about in Gandt's equally fascinating book, particularly in the period up to about 1960, when the romance of aviation faded, after jet travel became common -dreadfully common.

Hubris, the gift that goes on giving, is what unites my present-day skygods with the military and civilian skygods of 1930s aviation and with the latter day skygods of the post-1960 Pan Am...

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