Saturday, July 7, 2012

Opinion divides on our troubled "Lifeboat Earth" : Bail It or Bail Out ?

Earthlings say that Lifeboat Earth is sadly afflicted --- by Climate Change above all, but also by all sorts of other rapes against our Earth's biosphere.

 But if we but start right now to change our ways, there is still time to gradually bring our planet back from the point of no return.

Bail it ; bail it for all your worth !

It is the only lifeboat that we know of in the Near Universe (or beyond) that sustains Life, all life, from the biggest human civilization right down to the smallest bacteria.

Skygods will say, in sequence, a number of things:

Our world is robust, not troubled, this is just a blip in Nature and the Earth will right itself, if left alone (particularly if left alone by the Left.)

Then : yes we have few - minor - problems caused by human technology but new human technology can just as easily solve it.

Relax !  Go back to drinking the Kool Aid, its fine, we're just stopping to pick up some more ice.

Next, as conditions hit a crisis that even reaches inside their 'gated world' : The investment 'climate' on Earth 1.0 has worsened - time to de-invest and time to re-invest in Earth 2.0 on Mars --- but only if government creates the right 'investment climate' for private capital to save Humanity.

 Time to bail out !  ...... but if only if the taxpayer bails out the carbon companies, first .....

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