Thursday, July 5, 2012

"CARBON LOADING" : 'Carbon ate my homework' replacing unions as Aussie all-purpose scapegoat

Birth of a MEME Alert: "Carbon Loading".

Truly "Greeds Never Sleeps".

No sooner did Australia announce that it planned to introduce a carbon tax, smart businessmen figured they could have "their bread and eat it too".

Out of one side of their mouths (in public) they'd whine about how the carbon tax was a job and investment killer.

Then out of sight and in private, out of the other side of their mouths they urge their stores to up prices (even before the tax came into effect) and simply blame it on the new tax !

Taxes as profit centres -- chalk another one up to the Greed Motive.

Other countries ,like Canada* , may eventually around to introducing Carbon Taxes (perhaps after an outcry from voters hit by the sort of mega-storms such as those that hit the US Mid Atlantic States this week).

(*A hundred natural disasters that size is what would be required to focus the current  Canadian government's thoughts away from tarry mega-projects, but perhaps future - different - governments might spend less time pimping for Big Oil and more on working for the ordinary taxpayer.)

Most businesses (but not all - judging from the Aussie example)  will make the same outcry.

Some will go even further and search for the some ways to make extra profits and yet blame it on a tax not yet in effect.

So be forewarned : Carbon Loading is coming to your country.....

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