Friday, July 13, 2012

greetings to the OLD brunettes : Mick Jagger and Bob Brown

This day in history fifty and forty years ago was a time of reflection and re-assessment, after episodes of minor success for both the Rolling Stones and for the Tasmanian proto-Green party.

A lot of media attention has gone to the first ever gig for the newly named Rolling Stones in a Soho club called the Marquee in 1962.

(I was in the club 10 years later and it held all the charm of a gig in an ugly basement in a suburban church.)

Fifty years on ,the old guys are still rocking, though as a serious Stones fan I can't say I find much of their music listenable after
Sticky Fingers.

By contrast, the Tasmanian Greens who celebrate 40 years of life this year as the world's first ever Green Party, are getting better and better.

(While I only heard the Stones from a distance when they gigged Halifax, I did get to spend several fruitful hours with Nick McKim, leader of the Tassie Greens, on his trip to this city.)

I just saw a video of Bob Brown helping the Green candidate in the Melbourne (state) by-election and like Mick Jagger, he's still rockin' .

So - Shirley - it is only right to offer my greetings and congratulations to those two OLD brunettes, Mick and Bob ....

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