Sunday, July 1, 2012

THINK TANK boards should reveal funding - or go to jail

Its getting hard for a selfish man to find a secret place to put his greedy gains to work ,manipulating public policy for profit.

Face it, more and more nations are forcing political parties to reveal their funding and spending. They are registering lobbyists. They are prosecuting companies for offering or accepting bribes.
Even the banks (!) are getting done  for looking the other way with laundered money.

Thank God then for those people of the forthright and plain spoken advise, the think tank.

Those frackers are ever after hectoring governments day and night, demanding answers, information, openness and frankness.

But turn your squirt gun on their big artillery and ask them to give us, the public, a little information as to who exactly who pays them , sorry "donates" to them, and they go ballistic.

Ballistic bombast is not good enough - I say bring in a law that says to think tank boards that if you don't tell all about who pays you to pipe that tune - its off to jail for you.

I almost hope the think tanks refuse to say and all their board members trundle off to jail -- the world could be a better place for all of that.

But they will probably comply --- but that won't end the addiction of the world's selfish to be forever manipulating public policy behind a coward's shield.

They will drop the think tank approach like a stone and develop yet more astroturf "citizens groups" instead.

Regulate them, in turn,  and it will be some new scheme.

Greed never sleeps .....

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