Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blogger LUX EX UMBRA embarrasses CSE and mainstream media : a lesson for denier-fighters

Bill points 'the way ahead' for denier-fighters

Rarely does Reality confirm Theory as quickly as it did for me between yesterday evening and this morning !

This morning Bill Robinson (and his blog LUX EX UMBRA) is the toast of the Canadian blog-o-sphere and he is being quoted in all of the Canadian media thanks to Canadian Press's Jim Bronskill.

But, he did not do it by fighting another blogger on the other side of Bill's position of greater transparency in governance.

Instead Bill exposing a big change in transparency at Canada's most secretive spy agency CSE, which is part of a shadowy world wide network of establishments that spy on all the rest of us.

If Bill had chosen to focus on exposing errors in transparency-shy fellow bloggers, the media would have dismissed the posts of both sides in this slagging war as "juvenilia" .

But by focusing on someone much bigger than himself (the CSE) and uncovering something other bigger organizations (ie the mainstream media) had missed, he got two david vs GOLIATH stories in one.

let's agree not to give any more oxygen to Watt's up the ass et al

So, fellow denier-fighters, please re-read last night's post in SVE (Denier blogs ; read 'em but don't write about 'em) in light of Bill's success.

And ponder whether we should be ignoring Watts up the ass and focusing on CATO's denying think tankers libertarians instead.....

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