Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Enough about Carbon worries" say Aussie papers in co-ordinated move," lets talk about deep SPACEY dreams instead"

Dreams indeed !

What better way to divert the minds of Aussie readers from deep thinking about the best way to reduce fatal excess carbon in our skies (carbon trading versus regulation versus revenue- neutral taxation for example) than some deep spacey dreaming.

Atta boy ! In times of deep trouble, don't worry, be happy : dream
deep spacey dreams.

Forget your bathing suit, come on in : the Acid has never been better.

So what should investors choose to spend their money on - trying to keep this Earth going a few more generations or finding out if there is life on a planet a million human-traveling years away ?

If I knew a 'better 'ole' perhaps I would go to it - but I don't - so I am 'Backing Britain' and all the rest of the earthlings with my investment dollars ......

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