Saturday, July 21, 2012

Greens lead in Melbourne by-election because Australian socialists are to the right of Canada's Stephen Harper

Socialists unite with Libertarians to defeat Greens, again

Australia's PM Julia Gillard is from the Labor Party  (Labor = NDP in Canadian terms, supposedly) and she is opposed to gay marriage.

So she says, in public. Has to say in public (or get slaughtered by enough of the voters to render her party practically seatless).

In a state-level by-election today in inner city Melbourne, the Greens lead the pack at 38% - winning the seat in Canadian FPP terms.

But in Australia, it is proportional voting and so the Green candidate will lose on second round preferences.

The Libertarian opposition coalition is not running a candidate and told all their voters to vote Labor --- they may different sometimes on some economic issues but they are both equally death on gay rights.

The Aussie Greens do well because the local left wingers are almost as right wing, well almost as right wing,  as the Nova Scotia left wingers.

Nova Scotia Greens fail to seize "green opportunity"

But in Nova Scotia, the Greens have totally failed to seize this opportunity opening up for them as the NDP here shed many long time supporters.

Dead skunks in the middle of road would get more votes than the Greens in Nova Scotia , if an election was held right now.

I might add that the Green national leader is from Nova Scotia but still no lift under the local Greens sails ---- even the combo of Darrell Dexter and Elizabeth May can't Viagratize the flaccid Green members....

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