Wednesday, July 4, 2012

MODERNITY's 'change of climate' : modernism's doubters vs true believers

Appearances much to the contrary, I am NOT a defender of the viability of the theory of a sharp change in the physical climate, caused by excess human-originated CO2 in the atmosphere.

Rather, I prefer to see myself as first and foremost an attacker of the viability of the climate of Modernity. Its continued viability is what I choose to doubt.

By contrast, its true believers , those who defend the continued viability of the climate of Modernity, are people like Senator JamesInhofe of Oklahoma.

A person otherwise much regarded as a denier of the viability of the change in our physical climate, caused by excess CO2 from his state's oil wells.

'Surprising how different the whole thing looks, if you peer into the other end of the telescope'.

So opined Charles Dickens about hundred and seventy five years ago , hereabouts, and I have never had any reasons to doubt him.

 In fact my very first publication, 38 years ago, was called "TELESCOPE" in ironic appreciation of Mr Dickens' wise suggestion....

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