Sunday, July 15, 2012

As newspaper readers "stroke-out", the media will also push up daisies

TV news and paid Newspapers to "stroke-out" as audience dies ?

The median age of the viewer of Fox News is white and male, yes yes, but he is also 65. Yep : Sixty-Five.

Don't blame Fox execs for forcing climate denial upon their hapless victim cum viewers : they are merely serving their unique slice of the human demographics what they want to hear.

But as they stroke-out and pass on , will TV news shows, talk radio and newspapers do likewise ?

In the mature industrial powers, the average age of TV news viewers and paid-for newspapers are retirees, no longer in the active workforce and born way back in the 1940s or even earlier.

By contrast, the readership of the blogosphere is born in the 1950s or later and still active in the workforce.

Deniers of climate change are merely defending the high school "modernity"science they learnt back when they were kids while the post-modern readers of blogs see the world outside getting hotter and wonder where it will all end when they are old.

No wonder the blogs have one take on the climate and the newspapers have quite another : both are faithfully serving their loyal customer base.....

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