Sunday, July 1, 2012

Aussies in YELLOW (PERIL) LEVEL moral panic over carbon tax, but BC is okay on its tax

Thanks to a world wide fifth column of denier-watchers, I can keep up with denier activities all over the world.

Mike at WATCHING THE DENIERS is full of vim and vinegar over the deniers there attacking the new carbon tax.

It seems to be that Aussie-land is reliving its WHITE AUSTRALIA moral panic mode, only this time over The-Carbon- Tax-Peril (color undefined).

If you are still reading this by the time this post hits your internet connection, then you will know that the world did not end and the sky did not cave in as Prime Minister Gillard pressed the button to start the tax-collecting process.

Australia's latter day Millerites will have to sheepishly climb off their hilltop vigils and return home to work, mortgages and taking out the garbage.

The green-leaning Pembina Institute here in Canada has just released a report that should reassure queasy Ozzie Landers (what timing eh - or am I being needlessly cynical about my dear colleagues ?) ; they say claim that BC has taken its carbon tax in stride.

They say that 64% favour the tax ( there is that percentage again - only this time in favour of carbon taxing --- its almost like the ritualistic 99.9% that voted for Comrade X in all those commie countries long ago.)

My own view is that if the tax survives two years, it will survive for the long term --- so let us hope Gillard's government holds together that long, to give this tax , as LABOUR is wont to say, "a fair go" .....

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