Sunday, July 15, 2012

Is anything LEFT ? What is RIGHT ? Death spiral of traditional politics

Political Parties deathwatch

The only thing dying faster than paid newspapers and TV news is the political party.

Membership is down badly - even worse than voter turnout.

Above all, the greying memberships' spirit is gone - they haven't got enough energy left to get angry or to get happy.
What is so socialist about our socialist parties ?

They try to collect a grab bag of ever changing ideas to attract their supporters ----- just as the free-enterprise-less capitalist parties struggle to find their grab bag of ideas to get their 15% of the electorate to the polls.

When the winning government party got 33% of the votes of the one half of the electorate who sought to be added to the election lists and then bothered to show up to vote, you know you have serious dry rot.

Thank goodness for deniers vs greens : genuine anger and energy

God bless the deniers and the greens - at least those two still get fired up and angry at each other.

The older parties can't do it anymore - not even with the promise of government patronage to act as their Viagra.

We need to find a new line in the sand that divides and angers voters enough to take out memberships, knock on doors, put out a sign, give money, vote.

And left vs right ain't it - not after 150 years, it is just played out : both parties believe in an ever-growing economy and only quibble over the details of dividing the swag.

CATO vs CASSE , now there is an electoral fight I'd like to have a pony in : Endless Growth in the very short term versus an Eternal Steady State of Happiness.....

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