Friday, July 13, 2012

"Common Sense Revolution" gets lost in "The Deniers' Triangle"

Common (NON) Sense

New Right deniers put a lot of faith in common sense against all "this quantum, whatever, nonsense they teach these days in university science".

This is why the New Right like to call their take on governance, "The Common Sense Revolution" .

Unfortunately for the rest of us, common sense is too often wrong about the ultimate, the real, reality - not the reality we would wish it to be, but Reality as it really is.

The deniers' world view is the simplistic "prove-definitely-by-Euclidian-Logic-world" of our high school science and math teachers, rather the real, tougher, reality outside the high school science and math labs.

Out here, on planet Earth (a sphere) real triangles are NOT shaped as they are within in the cozy world of Euclid .

Out here, it is a non-Euclidian World and the deniers don't want to admit it - they are still stuck in a Modernity.

Lost in  time warp from before 1945.

Green Realism vs Denier Idealism

Certainty and certitudes are the Right's emotional meat and potatoes.

Greens, on the other hand, "get" non-Euclidian math and a world governed quantum uncertainty and chaos theory and probability.

The Greens' reality, in scientific terms, is realistic : the Deniers's reality is idealistic - still hoping for triangles as straight as an arrow, on a globe where real triangles are anything but.

I almost feel sorry for them - poor lost souls, in a world and reality they no longer like --- or understand....

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