Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blogosphere OWNS climate change debate: bad news if you own newspaper shares

Newspaper shares worth almost as much as RIM shares

The new global divide is over the Globe itself, over climate change in particular.

And unlike the tired old left versus right divide, it is largely being fought over on the blog-o-sphere, not in the mainstream media.

This is bad news if you are still part of the left and right wing or if you own newspaper shares.

(These two categories actually tend to go together: old ideologies huddled for warmth around old technology).

By ignoring the new global divide between greens and deniers, the oldstream media risks becoming irrelevant to the biggest issue dividing the 21st century.

The biggest news story of the 21st century.

And the mainstream isn't covering it.

How irrelevant is that ......

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