Friday, July 20, 2012

PhDs who can, teach ; PhDs who can't, 'TANK' in Washington, the original 'tank town'

There is new hope for all those kids who got a pass-level PhD but can't find work at a real university: they can find work at the ever growing number of 'tanks' that fill the Washington Beltway and cluster around every national political capital world wide.

(Before 1941, many reporters from bigger cities used to regard Washington DC as a 'tank town' : in many ways, it still is.)

If Libertarian Governments continue to cut science research and universities grow ever smaller as a result , soon there will be more people with PhDs working in the think tanks than at universities.

Those PhDs capable of teaching and doing research will be in the universities while those PhDs only capable of offering opinions will 'tank' out of  academia and into the warm financial embrace of those libertarian stalking horses, the partisan think tanks.

Better to teach at Hamburger U than tank in  'tank town'

At least at Hamburger University, the teachers engage in real world activities : flipping burgers.

The partisan think tanks merely engage in magical thinking and conspiracy theories : they are the Roswell Area 51s for guys in suspenders and bow ties whose daddies went to Yale : academia for mouth-breathers.....

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