Monday, July 16, 2012

The STEADY Party : re-birthing the Greens under a new banner

Greens, yes, but by an accident of history....

The Greens had no idea how vacuous  the term GREEN would become when they set about naming their various parties all those years ago.

And in fact few choose to call themselves Green in the earliest days.

Only after the German Greens' success, did the term get adopted holus bolus by other ecologist parties.

Even deniers claim to be a little bit green today.

Maybe its time then to get at the heart of the green movement and pick a name that no Liberal, Conservative or Socialist will take up, unless they give up 200 hundred years of their party traditions.

A STEADY party is probably swiftboat-proof,by name, anyway

A steady state economy oriented party might as well rename itself the STEADY party : pure and simple.....

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